Building Maintenance

We are a leading building maintenance specialist in the Auckland area.

Plumbed Up value your physical assets and leave no stone unturned to maintain and enhance their commercial value. Don’t be in stress if your toilet is not flushing properly, water pipes are leaking, hot water systems are working in an interrupted manner, Plumbed Up is around the corner to help and assist you in the best possible manner. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we do most of the task our self and we don’t rely on any subcontractors. This ensures high excellence and quality standards.

Large numbers of government departments, retail, industrial and commercial patrons turn to us for meeting their desired building maintenance goals. Our experts inspect the area and provide tailor made solutions including but not limited to:

  • maintaining and repairing building heating and cooling systems
  • responding to requests regarding space temperature
  • electrical systems’ comprehensive repairs and maintenance 24X7
  • plumbing repairs & maintenance – restroom and laboratory fixtures, domestic water supply, water and storm drains, distribution of water for cooling systems and hydronic heating

Industrial, residential or commercial property – come to Plumbed Up and shares your thoughts! Surely, we would keep into consideration your economies of scale.