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We collaborate closely with busy professionals who value their time and seek dependable, skilled, and professional plumbers to join their team.


Plumbed Up is your go-to service provider in Auckland, offering comprehensive solutions for a range of plumbing needs. Whether you are:

  • Initiating a new construction project and require the installation of essential plumbing and drainage systems,
  • Undertaking renovations and outfitting an older building with modern plumbing services and fixtures,
  • Dealing with unexpected plumbing emergencies, or
  • Seeking a reliable partner for ongoing general plumbing maintenance and repairs for your commercial building,

We’ve got you covered. With years of dedicated experience and a team of skilled plumbers, Plumbed Up is committed to delivering intelligent solutions, maintaining exceptional service standards, and providing top-notch products throughout Auckland. Trust us to meet your plumbing needs with precision and professionalism.

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We Cover:

Residential & Commercial New Builds

Our expertise lies in new commercial indoor plumbing installations. Whether it involves setting up systems for water supply networks or addressing specific intricacies related to indoor plumbing, Plumbed Up is your trusted partner. Count on us for efficient and reliable services, ensuring the successful establishment of your commercial indoor plumbing system with optimal functionality.

CCTV & Drain Unblocking

Our team specializes in CCTV inspections and drain unblocking, offering precise solutions for your drainage issues. Count on us for swift and effective services tailored to your needs.

Commercial Drainage

Our expertise lies in the realm of new commercial drainage installations. Whether it involves setting up systems for sewer lines or tackling the intricacies of stormwater networks, Plumbed Up is your reliable partner. Expect efficient and trustworthy services, ensuring the successful establishment of your commercial drainage system with optimal functionality.


We specialize in drainage servicing, offering comprehensive maintenance to keep your systems in top condition. Our team provides regular check-ups and necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance and longevity for your drainage system.


When it comes to drainage system upgrades, our team excels in enhancing and modernizing existing systems. We specialize in implementing improvements to optimize the efficiency and functionality of your drainage infrastructure.

Detention & Retention Tanks

We offer stormwater management services, installing and maintaining detention and retention tanks. From controlling rainwater flow to reusing it sustainably, our expertise ensures tailored solutions for your needs.
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