Hot Water Cylinders

Whether you have an over flowing hot water system or want to upgrade to mains pressure, you have come to the right place. Plumbed Up is the complete one stop shop when it comes to HOT WATER CYLINDERS.

We cover:

  • Installations
  • Replacements
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Servicing
  • Upgrades


If it is an upgrade you are after then we can help you through the whole process, from choosing a system that suits not only your needs but also your budget. Whether it be gas, electric or even solar hot water we are the company to see you right.

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Upgrade your low pressure to mains pressure hot water cylinder from $2000 + gst and electrical.


  • A new Rheem 180l mains pressure indoor/outdoor electric hot water cylinder.
  • NZ made apex mains pressure valve pack.
  • Pipe work and labour (if the cylinder remains in the same position)


We can also quote to install this cylinder outside to increase the storage room within your house.

We have a electricians that we can recommend if you require one.

Designed and manufactured to meet New Zealand’s energy performance standards, Rheem mains pressure electric water heaters (hot water cylinders) are top performers under a wide range of water pressures and conditions. Models are rated at a maximum of 1000 kPA water pressures respectively (depending on the model). They not only operate on mains pressure but are also suitable for unequal or equal low pressure uses. The electric storage water heater (hot water cylinder) can deliver more than 40 litres of hot water a minute, enough to meet the needs of most households. Due to their insulation qualities, the optimum water temperature is maintained longer, saving energy and ultimately saving on your water heating account.


Upgrade to continuous flow gas hot water from as little as $2500 + gst and electrical


  • Gas fitting labour, materials and certification
  • Plumbing materials and labour
  • Rinnai VT 26 Continuous flow hot water system


  • Endless hot water
  • Energy efficiency-good for the environment, and saves on energy costs
  • Available in natural gas and LPG models
  • Available in indoor and outdoor models
  • Optional remote temperature controller

The Rinnai INFINITY® VT is a continuous flow gas hot water system for external domestic applications. This type of hot water system produces endless hot water, and is a energy efficient water heating system, because it’s only on when you need hot water.

The all-new Rinnai INFINITY® VT range has an improved minimum start-up flow rate, saving on water, and ensuring your Rinnai INFINITY® is future proofed for water efficient tapware.

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