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We have a diverse team that can assist you with any plumbing issue you may have.

No job is too tough for us to handle. Anything from a simple leaking tap to a complex renovation, we can do it all.

We can also offer you competitive pricing on new bathroom-ware and tapware if there is a need for replacement.

Our Services Include

Tap-ware and valve repairs or replacements

Got a leaky or broken tap? A valve or seal that needs replacing? We can help with either of these tasks and source the required hardware at competitive prices. No job too big or too small.

Hot water cylinder repairs or replacements

Whether you have an over flowing hot water system or want to upgrade to mains pressure, you have come to the right place. Plumbed Up is the complete one stop shop when it comes to HOT WATER CYLINDERS. We cover: Installations, Replacements, Repairs, Maintenance, Servicing, Upgrades

Toilet repairs or replacements

Has your toilet seen better days? Did it make its last flush? We can make sure you save time and money by supplying the right toilet for the job. The waste pipe for the toilet is either a P Trap or S Trap system. Let us help you choose the right toilet from our Suppliers to ensure you end up with a quality replacement.

Shower, bath and vanity repairs or replacements

Broken vanity unit, cracked basin, leaking shower or chipped bath? We can help you to choose the right fit to replace or fully renovate. No matter your budget, we want to help.

Spouting and roofing repairs or replacements

Don’t leave small roof or spouting leaks too long. Not fixing them whilst they’re small can lead to bigger problems in the future with water damage to walls and foundations. Our team has plenty of experience in gutter and spouting replacement as well as repairs or full replacement metal roofing.

Blocked drains, drainage repairs or replacements .

Main or private line CCTV inspections, through to unblocking sinks, drains, baths and showers. We use many different methods; plunger, hydrojet etc to help clear any blockages.

*All our work comes with a watertight guarantee.