Under Floor Heating

Increase your home’s thermal comfort by effectively heating your space with under floor heating. Achieve long-term energy savings and flexibility with an innovative heating solution.

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Why Under Floor Heating?

If you are looking for a cost-efficient and effective under tile heating for your home – we have the answer.

Homeowners are discovering the benefits of hydronic heating, turning to TERRATHERM to provide it.

TERRATHERM works on a simple principle, known since Roman times, of circulating hot water through flexible pipes under the floor. It distributes heat evenly around a room, creating a wonderful sense of well-being that surrounds you – starting from your feet where you really want to be warm.

With no high-temperature surfaces to touch, TERRATHERM is ideal if you have children in the house. It’s also tidy and discreet, removing unsightly heaters or vents intruding on the lines of your room and furnishings.

With energy prices rising, the economy in a heating system is increasingly important. And TERRATHERM delivers. It’s completely controllable, giving you complete flexibility to turn the heat off (or down) in individual rooms or areas you’re not using.

TERRATHERM under tile heating

Features of TERRATHERM

Uses comfortable, efficient, radiant heat.

Radiant heat is one of the most efficient forms of heating around and one of the most comfortable because it doesn’t dry the air out.

Quiet, no draughts

Radiant energy is like the sun’s warmth. It travels through space without needing draughts to push it. Unlike forced air heat, it’s silent – no noise from fans or airflow through ducts.


Radiant systems like TERRATHERM also improve the quality of the air in your home. Radiant systems are known to decrease the dust mite population in homes by 50% to 80%.

Quick heating, slow cooling

TERRATHERM gets your home warm surprisingly fast. Accurate controls keep temperatures just the way you like them, and it keeps things warm long after you turn it off.

Distributes heat evenly

A radiant system like TERRATHERM is great for warming a room evenly. It keeps the warmth where you need it most, in the lower part of the room.

Improve Your Home’s Comfort with Plumbed Up

Discover the ultimate heating solution for your home. Plumbed Up can install underfloor heating, providing invisible, even warmth for your home and eliminating clunky radiators and ductwork. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and lower energy costs with our under floor heating solutions. Contact us today to learn more.