Under Floor Heating

Enhance your home’s thermal comfort with underfloor heating. Experience long-term energy savings and flexible, innovative heating solutions.

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Why Under Floor Heating?

Discover a cost-efficient and effective solution for under tile heating in your home.

Hydronic heating, embraced by many homeowners, is a specialty at Plumbed Up. Underfloor heating operates on a simple yet time-tested principle of circulating hot water through flexible pipes beneath the floor. This method evenly distributes warmth throughout a room, starting from your feet, providing a comforting sense of well-being.

Underfloor heating is a child-friendly option with no high-temperature surfaces to touch. It’s also a tidy and discreet heating solution, eliminating the need for unsightly heaters or vents that disrupt room aesthetics.

As energy costs rise, the efficiency of a heating system becomes crucial. Underfloor heating offers complete control, allowing you to adjust temperatures in individual rooms or unused areas, maximizing energy savings.

TERRATHERM under tile heating

Features of Underfloor Heating

Uses comfortable, efficient, radiant heat.

Radiant heat is renowned for its efficiency and comfort, as it doesn't dry out the air, making it one of the most comfortable heating methods available.

Quiet, no draughts

Radiant energy, akin to the sun's warmth, travels through space without requiring drafts to propel it. Unlike forced air heat, it operates silently, devoid of any noise from fans or airflow through ducts.

Air Quality

Radiant systems such as underfloor heating contribute to improving the air quality in your home. They are recognized for reducing the dust mite population in homes by 50% to 80%.

Quick heating, slow cooling

Underfloor heating quickly warms your home, often surprisingly fast. With precise controls maintaining temperatures to your preference, it retains warmth even after being turned off.

Distributes heat evenly

A radiant system such as underfloor heating is excellent for evenly warming a room, ensuring the warmth stays where it's needed most—distributed in the lower part of the room.

Improve Your Homes Comfort with Plumbed Up

Uncover the ultimate heating solution for your home with underfloor heating installed by Plumbed Up. Experience invisible, uniform warmth throughout your home, eliminating bulky radiators and ductwork. Embrace exceptional comfort and reduced energy costs with our underfloor heating solutions. Contact us today to explore further.

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