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Plumbed Up is the complete one-stop shop for hot water cylinders. Our clients from throughout Auckland call on us to solve issues with overflowing and malfunctioning hot water systems. We also deliver expert system and mains pressure upgrades.

What Do We Cover?

We offer end-to-end services for hot water cylinders in Auckland, including:

• Installations
• Replacements
• Repairs
• Maintenance
• Servicing
• Upgrades

If you are looking to upgrade your current hot water heating system, we can help you through the entire process. We will work within your budget and preference to find a solution that suits your individual needs. Our team are highly trained to deal with every type of hot water cylinder including, gas, electric, and solar energy. Reach out to us today for a free no-obligation quote.

How Do You Upgrade Your Low Water Pressure?

You can easily upgrade your low pressure to a mains pressure hot water cylinder with us.  Contact us for the latest pricing on a new Rheem hot water cylinder. This upgrade service includes:

• A new Rheem 180l mains pressure indoor/outdoor electric hot water cylinder.
• NZ-made apex mains pressure valve pack.
• Pipework and labour (if the cylinder remains in the same position).

Upon request, we can quote to install this cylinder outside to increase the storage space within your home. If needed, we can also recommend a trusted electrician for onsite issues.

Why Choose Rheem Electric Hot Water Cylinders?

Rheem mains pressure electric water heaters (hot water cylinders) are designed and manufactured to meet New Zealand’s energy performance standards. They have continuously proven themselves as top performers in the industry under a wide range of water pressures and conditions. Their popularity stems from their ability to deliver more than 40 litres of hot water a minute as well as their suitability for unequal or equal low pressure uses. Due to their insulation qualities, the optimum water temperature is maintained longer, saving energy and ultimately saving you money on your water heating account.

How Do I Upgrade to Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water?

Choose Plumbed Up for your gas hot water system upgrade. Contact us for the latest pricing including electrical services. Our expert upgrade service includes:

• Gas fitting labour, materials, and certification.
• Plumbing materials and labour.
• Rinnai VT 26 Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water System.

Why Choose Rinnai INFINITY® VT?

The Rinnai VT is the best continuous flow gas hot water system currently on the market for domestic applications. Its careful design produces endless hot water with an energy-efficient water heating system that is kind to the environment and your wallet. Other notable features include:

• Improved minimum start-up flow rate.
• Optional remote temperature controller.
• Available in natural gas and LPG models.
• Available in indoor and outdoor models.

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