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Experience the dramatic bathroom transformation with Plumbed Up!

Do you love to see bathroom designs that don’t have expiry date? Are you are looking for a combination sink/vanity for some storage? Do you need an expert to waterproof the bathroom? At Plumbed Up the choices and styles are endless. We ensure you get a bathroom of our dreams at most competitive prices in the industry. Whether it is master or luxury, full or half, small and children or guest bathroom, we are one stop solution for any bathroom builds and design in Auckland. We believe design must not be alluring only; it must be practical and sustainable.

Are you considering a complete bathroom renovation or remodel? Call our expert Plumbed Up team for a professional bathroom renovation in the Auckland region. We will transform your old space into a newly refurbished and fully renovated contemporary bathroom, made to meet modern-day needs. Our team works the entire process with high-quality assurance and expert project management. Reach out to us today, and we can get started on your perfect bathroom renovation.

Why Choose Us for Your Bathroom Remodel & Renovation?

Our Plumbed Up team comes highly recommended by clients across Auckland due to our wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. We have the expertise and skills needed to design and build a beautifully upgraded bathroom.

What Is Our Design & Build Process?

After your initial consultation, we will work with you to establish the best design for your bathroom. We do not begin the remodel or renovation process until you are fully satisfied with the plan. Once the design is agreed upon, we gather our team of qualified contractors and tradespeople who are chosen carefully to work on your unique renovation project.

From there, we take on the entire project from start to finish, managing building consents, health and safety, sourcing quality materials, and dealing with established and reliable suppliers. Our team will work conscientiously throughout the project, ensuring your bathroom is completed to the highest level of quality and design.

We are your one-stop shop for stunning bathroom remodeling and renovation services. Let’s get started on your dream design today.

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