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Unleash the benefits of gas-powered appliances in your home with Plumbed Up. Elevate your living space with a cozier, healthier, and more efficient environment by exploring our comprehensive gas fitting solutions available in Auckland today.

Our Gasfitters Can Help With The Following

Inspection of gas line

Gas line inspections ensure safety and reliability. Regular checks guarantee optimal performance, preventing potential hazards. Schedule your inspection today for peace of mind.

Damaged gas lines repair

Damaged gas line? Immediate repairs are crucial. Our expert team swiftly resolves issues, ensuring safety and restoring gas line functionality. Contact us for swift and reliable repair services.

Gas lines installation

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Installation of gas appliances

Efficient and safe installation of gas appliances is crucial. Our experienced team handles gas appliance installations with precision and expertise. Trust us for reliable and professional service.

Gas hot water installation

Efficient and reliable gas hot water installation services. Our expert team ensures seamless and safe installations for your convenience. Trust us for top-quality gas hot water system setups.

Gas water heater maintenance

Regular gas water heater maintenance ensures optimal performance. Our skilled team offers comprehensive maintenance services to keep your gas water heater efficient and safe. Schedule maintenance for peace of mind.

Gas fire installations

Transform your space with our professional gas fire installations. Our skilled team delivers safe and efficient setups, bringing warmth and ambiance to your home. Experience the comfort of our expert gas fire installations.

Gas Firesplaces

Stay Cozy This Winter with a New Gas Fire!

Whether you’re renovating your space or seeking a retrofit option, our team specializes in tailoring gas-fitting solutions just for you. We offer the expertise to repair or replace existing fireplaces and can customize installations for your needs.

Proud suppliers and installers of energy-efficient gas fires from reputable brands like Escea or Rinnai, these systems provide ducted heating capabilities that not only warm the room but also distribute comforting heat throughout your entire home. No matter your aesthetic preferences, we’re dedicated to finding a design that matches your needs and budget. Keep snug and warm throughout the winter season with our tailored solutions.

Gas Cooking

Enhance Your Cooking Experience with a Gas Stove!

Upgrade your kitchen and cooking style by installing a gas stove. Unlike electric stoves, gas cooking offers numerous benefits that elevate your culinary experience at home. Gas cooking provides precise control over the hob’s temperature, ensuring even heat distribution, reduced energy waste, and cost-effective operation. Whether you’re boiling, steaming, sautéing, or stir-frying, the versatility of gas cooking is sure to add ease and efficiency to your daily meals. Embrace the advantages of cooking with gas in your kitchen!

Gas Hot Water

Experience Efficient Hot Water Heating with Our On-Demand Gas Systems!

Our gas hot water heaters are designed to heat only the water needed by your household, operating on demand without the need for a bulky storage tank. This expertly engineered system ensures efficiency by heating water as it’s used, eliminating unnecessary energy consumption. By exclusively heating the water you use, our on-demand hot water system significantly enhances energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings.

Among our highly recommended gas fitting systems are Rinnai, favored by our clients for their reliability and efficiency. Available in a variety of models to accommodate different applications, including natural gas and LPG options, Rinnai systems offer versatility to suit your preferences. We’re dedicated to collaborating with you to ensure the best hot water solution tailored to your home’s needs.

We install brand new and repair gas appliances

Gas Heating and Cooking: Clean, Controlled, and Reliable Energy for Your Home

Embracing gas-fitting installations offers Kiwis a clean, controlled, and dependable energy solution, leading many to trust Plumbed Up for our expertise in this field. Our team of experts comes highly recommended, boasting years of professional experience and specialized knowledge. We’re equipped to handle various gas appliances in your home, including gas hot water heaters, hobs, fires, and more.

For a prompt, safe, and completely reliable gas-fitting solution in Auckland, give us a call at 09 5329434. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch services for your gas needs.

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