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Discover the power of gas fittings in your home with Plumbed Up. Create a warmer, healthier, and more efficient home by enquiring about our Auckland-based gas fitting solutions today.

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Gas Fires

Stay warm this winter with a new gas fire.

Whether you are renovating or looking for a retrofit, we can customise a gas-fitting solution for you. Plumbed Up is proud to supply and install energy-efficient gas fires, like Escea or Rinnai, which offer a ducted system that will heat not just the room it’s in but spread warmth throughout your entire home. Whatever your style, we will find a design to suit your needs and budget. Stay cosy all winter long with Plumbed Up.

Gas Cooking

Start whipping up restaurant-quality meals by installing a gas stove in your kitchen. Cooking with gas in your home offers a range of benefits that you just won’t get with electric stoves. The nature of gas cooking allows you greater control over the temperature of your hob, resulting in a more even distribution of heat, less wasted energy, and overall cheaper operating costs. Whether boiling, steaming, sauteing, or stir-frying, we know you will love cooking with gas.

Gas Hot Water

Our gas hot water heaters heat only the water required by the household. Working on demand creates a more efficient system and ultimately removes the need for any sort of cumbersome storage tank. This expert design means that you are only heating the water you use, making your hot water heating more energy-efficient and saving you money.

Our most recommended gas fitting systems are Rinnai, which our clients enjoy for their reliability and efficiency. These systems come in a range of models to suit all applications, including natural gas and LPG models. Whatever your preference, we will work with you to ensure you have the best hot water solution for your home.

Hook Your Home up with Gas Fittings with Plumbed Up

Gas heating and cooking is a clean, more controlled, and reliable use of energy in the home, and this is why so many Kiwis are turning to Plumbed Up for our gas-fitting installation services. Our expert team comes highly recommended due to their years of professional experience and expertise in the area. We are also on hand to deal with any gas appliances in your home, such as gas hot water heaters, gas hobs, gas fires, and more.

Give us a call on 09 5329434 for a prompt, safe, and 100% reliable gas fitting solution in Auckland.

What Can Gas Fitters Do?

Our professional gas fitters can make your life hassle-free by assisting with the following:

• Inspection of gas lines
• Damaged gas lines repair
• Gas line installation
• Pipe laying
• Gas water heater maintenance
• Gas hot water installation
• Gas fire installations
• Installations of gas appliance

Gas fitting in progress

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