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Hot Water Cylinders

Whether you have an over flowing hot water system or want to upgrade to mains pressure, you have come to the right place. Plumbed Up is the complete one stop shop when it comes to HOT WATER CYLINDERS.

Solar Hot Water

SOLAR hot water harnesses clean, free solar energy to heat you’re domestic hot water quickly and efficiently , even on cloudy days you will get good solar gains. Evacuated tubes have a vacuum that acts as a super-efficient heat trap. Heat pipes located within the evacuated tubes then conduct the heat trapped within the tube up to the header to heat water.

Boiling/Chiller Units

Avail courteous, friendly and professional service of Plumbed Up.

We all know that the boiler & chiller units are high consumers of energy in the building systems. Their malfunctioning can raise your energy bills. With an aim to slash your energy costs, our experts provide efficient yet affordable maintenance and repairing of Boiler/Chiller units.