Only in March, claim your Low to Mains pressure cylinder upgrade for $2995 including GST! 

  • Fully Installed
  • Cylinder included
  • Electrical work included
  • Brand new pipework

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Your home should provide you with the warmth and comfort you deserve, while also embracing energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our team offers various systems designed to heat your home efficiently and reduce your environmental impact.

We understand that each home is unique, which is why our experts are here to help you find a tailored water heating solution that meets your specific needs. Contact us at 09 5329434 to discover the solution that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Electric Hot Water Cylinders

Whether you’re dealing with an overflowing hot water system or considering an upgrade to mains pressure, you’re in the right place. We offer a comprehensive solution for all your hot water cylinder needs.

Gas Hot Water

Gas-powered hot water systems are renowned for their energy efficiency. Malfunctions in these systems can lead to increased energy bills. Our experts specialize in efficient and cost-effective maintenance and repair of gas hot water systems, aiming to reduce your energy costs.

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems utilize clean, free solar energy to swiftly and effectively heat your domestic hot water. They provide good solar gains even on cloudy days.</p> <p>Here’s how it works: The evacuated tubes contain a vacuum that serves as a highly efficient heat trap. Heat pipes within these tubes transfer the trapped heat to the header, where it heats the water.
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